4 Steps to Improved Immunity

A properly functioning immune system is necessary for optimal health. But how do you get one? Follow these do’s and don’ts to help your body fend off sickness and make room for health. 1. DO take probiotics.Probiotics are the good bacteria that go into the digestive system and aid in the digestion of food. Research […]

Boroughs and Beyond

This year marks our 18th year living in Northborough. We found our house on New Years Eve day 1999. We lived in Boston at the time and had been searching for months for the perfect place to settle and start a family. On December 31 we found a beautiful house. That night we went out and partied […]

Tips for Lowering Your Grocery Bill

As you may have noticed, your family’s grocery bill accounts for a big chunk of your monthly household budget. Fortunately, there are many ways to prevent your food bill from spiraling out of control! Some money-saving strategies are obvious, such as using discount coupons and not shopping when you’re hungry, while others are not as widely known. […]

Treating Shoulder Pain

In our physical therapy clinic, we see a lot of clients who are dealing with shoulder problems—whether they have an injury, are recovering from surgery, or are just uncomfortable. The shoulder is complicated because there are: 1.) multiple joints that surround the primary shoulder joint, 2.) many ligaments in the area that help with stability, […]