Boosting Your Immune System

I’m always being asked if Acupuncture can boost the Immune System. The answer is yes…  it is amazing at doing this. We call the first line of defense wei qi.  This is energy that circulates just beneath our skin and regulates sweating and immunity. Wei qi keeps pores closed preventing viruses and bacteria from entering our […]

Does Your Child Have a Bad Back?

Natural health care, including chiropractic care, isn’t just for adults! In fact, using natural healing techniques for children is every bit as beneficial for them as it is for their parents. Nevertheless, the idea that children, even newborns, would see a chiropractor to get adjusted is a stretch for some. Why would a parent bring […]

August Birthstone: Peridot

So your birthstone is peridot. “Pear-a-doe”? “Pear-a-dot?” Actually, both are correct—but I digress. More importantly, what exactly is this gorgeous apple-green stone? Often associated with light, this stone was referred to as the “gem of the sun” by the ancient Egyptians. What better stone to represent the sunny summer days of August? The word peridot […]

Getting Rid of Fall Allergies

Have you ever thought about what your life would be like without suffering from allergies? Are you on allergy medicines and wonder how they might affect your overall health? Winter and fall allergies can cause a great deal of discomfort for many people, young or old. Symptoms include sneezing, congestion, runny nose and red, itchy […]

Caring for Your Pearls

Years ago, divers would venture as deep as 65 feet—just holding their breath—to gather mollusks and oysters in search of organic pearls. Because they were so rare and costly to find, most organic pearls were enjoyed only by royalty or the very wealthy, until they became virtually extinct (not to mention some of the divers!) […]

Dealing with Digestive Issues

Digestive complaints are among the most common issues I come across in my practice. Almost daily I see patients with a wide array of problems, from bloating and gas to more complex issues such as IBS, diverticulitis or multi-faceted food allergies. It is not unusual that these clients come to me with bags of supplements […]