Treating Shoulder Pain

In our physical therapy clinic, we see a lot of clients who are dealing with shoulder problems—whether they have an injury, are recovering from surgery, or are just uncomfortable. The shoulder is complicated because there are: 1.) multiple joints that surround the primary shoulder joint, 2.) many ligaments in the area that help with stability, […]

Why You Need a Massage

Often we think of massage as an indulgence. A luxury reserved only for those who can afford fancy spas, or have lots of extra time on their hands. But the reality is, massage can play a critical role in keeping your body—and mind—healthy. Generally considered part of complementary and alternative medicine, according to, “massage […]

Armeno Regional Coffee Guide

Variety is the spice of life, but sometimes too many options can be intimidating. While it’s true that each of Armeno’s single origin coffees and blends have unique qualities that set them apart from one another, there are some characteristics (body strength, level of acidity, etc.) that will likely be similar among coffees from the same […]

Boosting Your Immune System

I’m always being asked if Acupuncture can boost the Immune System. The answer is yes…  it is amazing at doing this. We call the first line of defense wei qi.  This is energy that circulates just beneath our skin and regulates sweating and immunity. Wei qi keeps pores closed preventing viruses and bacteria from entering our […]

Does Your Child Have a Bad Back?

Natural health care, including chiropractic care, isn’t just for adults! In fact, using natural healing techniques for children is every bit as beneficial for them as it is for their parents. Nevertheless, the idea that children, even newborns, would see a chiropractor to get adjusted is a stretch for some. Why would a parent bring […]