Ease into your New Year Fitness Resolution

Ease into your New Year Fitness Resolution

With the New Year quickly approaching, many will rush to renew their commitment to physical fitness, and that is to be commended. One of the most important factors in natural health is participating in a regular exercise program.

However, when we allow our gym routine to slide, rededicating and restarting a physical fitness program too quickly and too intensely provides the perfect situation for injury. Why? Overused muscles can lead to injury and scar tissue, restricting motion and causing pain.

Slow and Steady

Whenever renewing your commitment to exercise, avoid expectations of attaining fitness “this week” or even “this month.” Listen to your body. Plod rather than race to fitness. Allow joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments time to adapt to the challenge and they will. When you’re patient, chances are your body will firm, strengthen and stretch as you regain vitality.

In 2018, don’t subscribe to a “zero to 60″ fitness routine. Avoid start-up injuries, which can unnecessarily derail your zest to regain vitality. Consider regular chiropractic care as a complement to your exercise regimen, helping to keep your body balanced and on track.

Here’s to finding fitness this year—not this week or this month

Karen Moriarty

About Karen Moriarty

Dr. Karen Moriarty has been delivering quality wellness-based family chiropractic care to the Central Massachusetts community since 1984. Together with her team at Northboro Chiropractic Center, her mission is to educate and adjust as many families as possible towards a lifetime of optimal health through chiropractic care.